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Posted: January 4, 2007 in Applications, Emacs

I started using EMMS about 6 month ago, mainly because my Amarok always froze after a while. Even though this problem is solved now I stick with EMMS most of the time.

But one thing I was missing with EMMS was support for the services provided by They describe themselves this way:

Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to and added to your music profile.

Once you’ve signed up and downloaded, you can scrobble songs you listen to on your computer or iPod automatically. Start scrobbling yourself, and see what artists you really listen to the most. Songs you listen to will also appear on your profile page for others to see.

Millions of songs are scrobbled every day. This data helps to organise and recommend music to people; we use it to create personalised radio stations, and a lot more besides.

You can see what users listened to the most last week by clicking the Charts button at the top of the page. Add your musical taste into the mix and help us get some decent music into the top 10 :)

To make a long story short: You submit some metadata of the songs you listen to to and it creates statistics (e.g. charts), does some reasoning (“Many people listening to Britney Spears listen to Christina Aguilera as well, so they seem to make similar music.”) and creates radio stations. provides a free player which supports all their services, but there are some third party players with support, too.

Some weeks ago I joined the EMMS project and implemented the two most important services. Now EMMS can “scrobble” the tracks you listen to, and it can play back radio. Try it out!

You need to get the developer version of EMMS. Instructions how to fetch it can be found in the quickstart guide. How you manage to start scrobbling or listen to radio can be looked up in its info documentation.

Have fun!

  1. Yesterday I’ve download emms dev snapshot, and create lastfm account.

    So, scrobbling from emms works just like a charm.


  2. Julio says:


    Just switched from amarok to EMMS. Keep up the good work.

    BTW, what’s your lastfm username? (if you don’t mind)

  3. […] скробблинга. Не так давно ситуация изменилась. Tassilo Horn реализовал поддержку сервиса Вдобавок, появилась возможность прослушивания […]

  4. Renan says:

    Thank you very much!! You just made me switch back to emms =D

  5. Each and every time I see blogs as great as this because I must stop bludging and start operating on mine.Thanks

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