I just wanted to mention…

Posted: May 5, 2007 in Applications, Emacs

… that Conkeror is damn cool! I used Konqueror all the time, but not being forced to touch the mouse was a very good argument to make me switch.

  1. Ramkumar R says:


    I’m a major Conkeror fan too, but only because there are no alternatives. It’s written over Xulrunner, which is slow, bloated, and based on Gecko. Also, Conkeror is meant to be written in a Lisp, not an imperative language like Javascript. The Javascript 1.7 code with coroutines is ugly!

    I perpetually wish that Conkeror could be rewritten in a functional language to use a WebKit backend. However, I’m not sure I have expertise to do it myself. Yesterday, nicktastic of #conkeror@irc.freenode.net expressed the same desire and explained to me how it would be possible. I quickly jotted down some points and put it up on GitHub: [ http://is.gd/18AQe ]. Go through the ideas and see if it interests you. Ofcourse suggestions and criticism are more than welcome. nicktastic hasn’t started writing any code either.

  2. Tassilo says:

    I’d love to see an incredible extensible WebKit browser written in some lisp. That would be awesome, and I would be the first user. Maybe another language you should consider is Clojure. With Qt’s good Java bindings (Qt Jambi), that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  3. Ramkumar R says:

    Hm… yes, I’ve used Clojure briefly before. It’s a Lisp-1 that’s closer to Common Lisp without all the historical baggage. And it runs on JVM. I’m a slightly concerned about the language being fairly immature though.

    About the Qt Java bindings… I have a personal thing against Java that actually prevented me from learning it, so we might have a slight problem there :|

    If you think it’s worth discussing a little more, you could ping me on Freenode IRC instead of spamming your blog with a large number of comments. My nick is artagnon.

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