My funky ZSH prompt

Posted: December 6, 2007 in Applications, GNU/Linux, ZSH
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Here’s the config for my ZSH prompt:
local blue_op="%{$fg[blue]%}[%{$reset_color%}"
local blue_cp="%{$fg[blue]%}]%{$reset_color%}"
local path_p="${blue_op}%~${blue_cp}"
local user_host="${blue_op}%n@%m${blue_cp}"
local ret_status="${blue_op}%?${blue_cp}"
local hist_no="${blue_op}%h${blue_cp}"
local smiley="%(?,%{$fg[green]%}:%)%{$reset_color%},%{$fg[red]%}:(%{$reset_color%})"
╰─${blue_op}${smiley}${blue_cp} %# "
local cur_cmd="${blue_op}%_${blue_cp}"
PROMPT2="${cur_cmd}> "

It looks like this. ZSH prompt

It has two lines. The first displays the path of the current working directory, then the user and hostname, then the return value of the last executed command, and the last item is the command’s number in the history.

The second line displays a green smiley, if the last command worked well, or a red smiley, if it failed.

I took some inspirations from the prompt of strcat, see

  1. Kyle Sexton says:

    Wow, the smiley idea is awesome. I’m a bash person, I wonder how hard it will be to steal that. :)

  2. foo bar says:

    Check out atom’s zsh prompt –

  3. Tassilo Horn says:

    Hey, those are very nice, too. :-)

  4. Hey, it’s really nice prompt! Immediatelly bookmark this page :)

  5. George says:

    Nice one ;)

  6. overdrive says:

    I love this .zshrc! it is quite cool and works perfectly, auto-completion is wonderful and very intelligent :_)

    In my debian works only with two steps:

    1) apt-get install zsh-beta rxvt-unicode

    2) create the .zshrc with the tassilo’s example, however copying from the website looks that does not format correctly, but i ‘downloaded’ directly and it works perfect, so it could be good if you put .zshrc to download from wget directly to avoid problems (-:


    Borja Tarraso

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