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I’ve switched to another tiling window manager called awesome and it’s really like its name suggests. It’s more a window manager framework that can be programmed in lua to create a window manager that does exactly what you want it to do.

Awesome has a lua library called naughty for displaying notifications. Now my idea was that whenever my mouse pointer enters the region of the textbox widget that shows the current date and time in a wibox, a popup should show the agenda for this week and dispose automatically when I move the mouse away.

Ok, so here’s the code on the emacs side. It assures that the file /tmp/org-agenda.txt always contains a plain-text export of the current org agenda. It’s created once on emacs startup and after each change to any org agenda file it’ll be updated.

;; update agenda file after changes to org files
(defun th-org-mode-init ()
  (add-hook 'after-save-hook 'th-org-update-agenda-file t t))

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'th-org-mode-init)

;; that's the export function
(defun th-org-update-agenda-file (&optional force)
      (let ((file "/tmp/org-agenda.txt"))
        (org-write-agenda file)))))

;; do it once at startup
(th-org-update-agenda-file t)

And here’s the lua code on the awesome side:

-- the current agenda popup
org_agenda_pupup = nil

-- do some highlighting and show the popup
function show_org_agenda ()
   local fd ="/tmp/org-agenda.txt", "r")
   if not fd then
   local text = fd:read("*a")
   -- highlight week agenda line
   text = text:gsub("(Week%-agenda[ ]+%(W%d%d?%):)", "<span style="text-decoration: underline;">%1</span>")
   -- highlight dates
   text = text:gsub("(%w+[ ]+%d%d? %w+ %d%d%d%d[^n]*)", "%1")
   -- highlight times
   text = text:gsub("(%d%d?:%d%d)", "%1")
   -- highlight tags
   text = text:gsub("(:[^ ]+:)([ ]*n)", "%1%2")
   -- highlight TODOs
   text = text:gsub("(TODO) ", "<strong>%1</strong> ")
   -- highlight categories
   text = text:gsub("([ ]+%w+:) ", "%1 ")
   org_agenda_pupup = naughty.notify(
      { text     = text,
        timeout  = 999999999,
        width    = 600,
        position = "bottom_right",
        screen   = mouse.screen })

-- dispose the popup
function dispose_org_agenda ()
   if org_agenda_pupup ~= nil then
      org_agenda_pupup = nil

mydatebox = widget({ type = "textbox", align = "right" }) -- shows the date
mydatebox.mouse_enter = show_org_agenda
mydatebox.mouse_leave = dispose_org_agenda

-- after that the mydatebox is added to some wibox, of course...

And that’s how it looks like.

The Org Agenda in an Awesome/Naughty popup

The Org Agenda in an Awesome/Naughty popup